What is HuiGee made of?

HuiGee is the result of the ambitious ideas and future visions of two womens. HuiGee started as an idea, a dream of clothes that do not only look good, but are part of the identity of the person who wears them. Let our clothes be part of your exciting life – our clothes are made to last through all your everyday adventures. Responsible and high-quality manufacturing practices guarantee that our clothes are pleasant to wear. You can feel the quality at your fingertips!
The wavy pattern that appears in our clothing draws its inspiration from the waves and sand dunes of the Yyteri beach in Pori, the beach which the HuiGee team has been able to enjoy since childhood. After all, we are a Pori-based company! To us, the sea symbolises freedom and endless possibilities looming on the horizon.
In early 2017, we received a license to manufacture Moomin-themed clothes. All of our clothes are ©Moomin Characters TM-licensed products. Our selection includes many lovely Moomin patterns and designs, such as The Magician’s Hat.

Idea and ideology

All of our clothes are designed in Finland, with love. Together, the HuiGee team and our main designer Camilla Mikama create practical, comfortable and high-quality clothes for You. We believe that clothes should be made to last everyday use, and they should look good even after several washings. HuiGee clothes are of generous, Finnish fit. Generous fitting ensures that our clothes are pleasant to wear and fit all body types.
Transparency in the supply chain and good working conditions are of great importance to us. Our clothes are manufactured in Finland and in Portugal, in a Finnish-owned factory, where ecological and ethical procedures and employee wellbeing are at the core of our operations. All sewers are provided with proper compensation and the best possible working conditions, accompanied by our highest appreciation! Read more about our factory production and values here.
All of our accessories are handcrafted in a small dressmaker’s shop in Finland. All hats, scarves and other handmade accessories are the result of Finnish workforce.


All of our clothes are made mainly from GOTS certified organic cotton. The organic cotton yarn used in our production is certified with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Covering the entire production process up until the final product, GOTS is an extensive certificate indicating ecological and ethical operations that take into account the wellbeing of people and animals. The standard guarantees that at least 95% of the fabric material consists of organic raw material. Our entire production consists of environmentally and socially responsible textile processing.
All of our knitted accessories, buttons, poppers and zippers are of the highest quality, and we have invested a lot of time and effort in selecting the right materials. All of our materials are carefully selected and tested, and they have all been proven safe. Our products do not contain any harmful chemicals, so they do not require, for example, pre-washing. You can safely put on the clothes without pre-washing them, even on a newborn.