For everyday adventures – made to last.

Lasting, ecological clothes for women and children. HuiGee makes clothes for you and your family’s everyday adventures.
Our passion for clean ecological materials and production guarantee the kind of high quality you can feel at your fingertips. Our durable, practical and ethically manufactured clothes make you feel good, and look good!

Fall in love with our Moomin-themed clothes! All of our clothes are ©Moomin Characters TM-licensed products. Our selection includes Moomin tunics and leggings for women, and Moomin-themed dresses, tunics, shirts, leggings, bodysuits and accessories for children.

HuiGee is a proud Pori-based brand. Our design draws its inspiration from the unique atmosphere and beautiful scenery of the city of Pori; our Yyteri leggings for women and Santa leggings for children imitate the waves and the sand dunes of the Yyteri beach, and our fun Kuukkari and Viikkari pants for children are named after districts in Pori.

All of our clothes are made of organic cotton. To us, quality comes first, because we want your clothes to last through your everyday adventures, and also recycling.

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